Why Men Over 30 Are Taking An Asian Dietary Supplement

Most men are healthy and in their prime by the time they reach their 30’s, but some experience problems related to hormone levels. For example, it is fairly common for young men to notice that they lack the energy they enjoyed in their 20’s, a change that is often attributed to natural aging. In fact, it is not inevitable and is often the result of low testosterone levels, a condition that can be corrected naturally using Tongkat Ali extract.

The Principle Behind Tongkat Root Supplement

Eurycoma longifolia or Pasak Bumi is a tall Southeastern Asian plant that is also known as Tongkat Ali. Locals consider it a potent aphrodisiac. They grind the plant’s roots into a paste and then boil it. Men drink the brew as a medicine. The roots are also harvested and turned into water-soluble powder which is sold as a supplement, usually in capsule form. It is a natural testosterone booster that is consumed by hundreds of thousands of men worldwide.

A Natural Supplement Can Relieve Low Hormone Symptoms

Men often buy Tongkat root in order to reverse the symptoms of declining testosterone levels, a condition that can begin as early as age 30. Common signs of the problem include decreased energy and drive, depression, loss of muscle tone, hair loss, decreased bone mass and mood swings. Tongkat supplements help the body naturally increase testosterone production. Most users begin to see their symptoms reverse within one to three weeks after they begin using the product.

Body Builders Rely on Tongkat Supplements

Tongkat root is also popular among body builders, who understand the importance of testosterone levels in creating lean muscle. Within two weeks of using the supplement men taking it for body building begin to see an increase in strength as well as quicker recovery times. By week three their sense of well-being starts to increase and by the fourth week there is a noticeable increase in lean muscle mass.

Hundreds of thousands of men suffering from low testosterone now get help from a Tongkat root supplement. The natural product helps the human body make more testosterone, which results in benefits like an increased sense of well-being and decreased body fat.